Stylist's feet on Granite Bella Copper Mat with salon chair and client
Salon chair on granite sapphire WellnessMat


With the grueling standing requirements of the industry, we all know Beauty Mats are a tremendous health benefit. Unfortunately, they are often unsightly, tattered, torn, and with little anti-fatigue value. Through imagination and innovation, Smart Step continues to elevate, expand, and develop meaningful comfort mats that fit today's salon and barbering markets.

Granite steel mat in salon on wood floor


Smart Step is committed to re-inventing how the beauty industry thinks of the standing mat category. With over two decades of expertise, spanning the professional beauty and other industries, Smart Step knows the importance of a healthy work environment. Never losing sight of functionality first, all Smart Step Premium Comfort Mats are manufactured at our own facility here in America and designed to strategically address all of the comfort, durability, and aesthetic concerns of the beauty industry.