A Healthy Work Life Balance

American Made Premium Salon Mats

May Through June

15% OFF Granite Bellas

Revolutionized by dynamic Granite colors, the lyrical Bella Pattern is elevated to the Next Generation of premium comfort.

Our granite salon mats have long since been one of our most popular products! Granite adds a splash of color to your salon or barbershop and does wonders for minimizing the appearance of foot traffic and stains!

Enhance The Longevity Of Your Career

Transform your salon experience with our exclusive range of premium mats designed for comfort, durability, and style. We understand the importance of creating a welcoming and ergonomic environment for both clients and professionals.

Experience The Evolution Of Comfort

With the grueling standing requirements of the Beauty Industry, we all know that Salon Mats are a tremendous health benefit. Unfortunately, they are often unsightly, tattered, torn, and offer little support and anti-fatigue value. Through experience and innovation, Smart Step continues to elevate, expand, and develop meaningful products that fit today’s Salon Markets.

The proven comfort, support, and durability of our Premium Standing Solutions are designed to provide industry professionals with the needed medical benefits that enhance, prolong, and in some cases preserve their career. With decorative designs available, Smart Step Salon Mats can accent salon decor, while boosting productivity, improving morale, and promoting A Healthy Work-Life Balance.


The Highest Standard In Quality

With premium comfort and proven durability, our anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide artists with all of the medical benefits as well as become an attractive part of the salon or barber décor. Refresh the look and style of your salon while boosting morale, productivity, healthy living, and appreciation within your business.

Say Goodbye To Bubbles

Black Smart Step Mat with infographic features

Key Features

  • Edges Will Never Curl, Eliminating Trip Hazards.
  • One Peice Construction Effectively Suspends Body Weight and Generates Superior Anti-Fatigue Values.
  • Protective Finish Repels Water and Stains.
  • 5 Year Warranty Reduces Mat Replacement Costs.
  • Stylish Finishes with Many Size and Color Options Available, Along With Customization Capabilities.
  • Larger Depth Allows Both Feet To Be On The Mat.
  • 100% Made In The USA. We will never compromise our products, values, or integrity by looking for shortcuts. We strongly believe in producing the highest quality products, abiding by U.S. Government instilled guidelines, supporting our economy and keeping jobs in America.Edges Will Never Curl, Eliminating Trip Hazards.