Smart Step has been marketing and manufacturing beauty mats for 20+ years. With a specialized focus on polyurethane mats, our goal has always been to produce the “Absolute Best” in Premium Standing Solutions ®. Smart Step only uses patented polyurethane technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Our innovation and creativity allow us to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients.

With the grueling standing requirements of the Beauty Industry, we all know that Salon Mats are a tremendous health benefit. Unfortunately, they are often unsightly, tattered, torn, and offer little support and anti-fatigue value. Through experience and innovation, Smart Step continues to elevate, expand, and develop meaningful products that fit today’s Salon Markets.

The proven comfort, support, and durability of our Premium Standing Solutions are designed to provide industry professionals with the needed medical benefits that enhance, prolong, and in some cases preserve their career. With decorative designs available, Smart Step Salon Mats can accent salon decor, while boosting productivity, improving morale, and promoting A Healthy Work-Life Balance.

In addition to the beauty trade, our comfort mats have successfully addressed important health and safety concerns for many industries such as healthcare, industrial, housewares, Department of Homeland Security, international airports, and over 2,000 national retailers.